Three sentence movie reviews: Lola Versus


I really loved Frances Ha, which stars the star of this movie, so I perhaps set my expectations too high, assuming that just because it was the same actress, this would be similarly delightful.  Also, I was drained from marathon tidying and had two drinks to unwind which might have been one drink too many because I fell asleep for the third act.  Reviewing the last part a few days later, I was happy to find that the ending did not ride off into the carry-across-the-threshold-sunset sort of direction, but stayed true to what the story was trying to impart, so for that I give it my blessing.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Lola Versus”

  1. Hmm, the descriptions on IMDB make it sound really cute, but it doesn’t have a great rating. Well, they have it at my library, so I placed a Hold on it. Will see for myself!

  2. Good note here: don’t watch fun movies after a day of tidying! I need to get my Frances Ha on since you love her so much. I just haven’t quite gotten there yet.

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