Three sentence movie reviews: Paper Towns


A good second viewing, though I had to keep reminding myself that Margo Roth Spiegelman would soon exit stage left and leave me to enjoy the movie.*  I enjoy watching the boys hanging out in this movie, and how true the end-of-high school emotions are.  And wouldn’t the Fault in Our Stars have been a different (and much better movie) if Mr. Nat Wolff had gotten the part of Augustus Waters?

Cost: free from library.
Where watched: at home with Matt. Film 4 of 3 of today’s scheduled Movie Palooza. (Matt and I were supposed to go on a date, but there was car trouble and he had a copy of this movie, so we watched it.)

*Didn’t like the character in the book and her translation to the screen didn’t do anything for me, either.

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I think this was one of those Fathom Events promotions, but it looks cool, so I put it up.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Paper Towns”

  1. I love your anit-Angus vitriol! Not that your above statements are terribly vitriolic. It just amuses me.

  2. I couldn’t stand Margo either, which is why I doubt I’ll ever see the movie. I’ve been avoiding Fault in Our Stars because I’m pretty down on cancer stories, but by all accounts the book, at least, is very good.

    1. I’m one of those accounts that says The Fault in Our Stars book is quite fabulous. I call it the funniest cancer book I’ve ever read. And in the film Ms. Woodley is quite good, as usual. It’s Mr. Elgort who sinks the film.

      Anyway, Margo. Ugh.

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