Three sentence movie reviews: Spring Breakers

I’m not sure if I can correctly summarize the intense loathing I feel for this movie in a mere three sentences.  Suffice to say it’s 90 minutes of the absolute worst parts of US culture and edited in a looping image way just so you get to see bits of the scenes on repeat.  If I had a daughter,* the roles depicted in this movie would be my greatest fear for her namely the longing to be an object and not a person.

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Where watched: at home.

*Or for that matter a son. There were no good role models in this movie, and I realize that that is the point, but that didn’t make it a good movie.  Just gratuitous.

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5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Spring Breakers”

  1. Interesting. I kept hearing so many great things about this, about how funny it is, etc. I was skeptical. It seems as though I was right to be.

  2. Making a gross gender generalization, I would say it's the difference between a male's view of the movie and a female's. Which is why I've begun to search out female movie reviews. Which are hard to find.

  3. May I ask what led you to view this movie? Was there one particular pull or just curiosity? I do believe a few of those young female stars used it as a means to shed their nice girl Disney personas.

  4. James Franco, for one. And a lot of people had good things to say. But it turns out those people and myself don't have a lot in common, when it comes to this movie, at least.

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