4 thoughts on “Top Movies of August 2016”

  1. We almost watched Don’t Think Twice just the other night, but the only option on the Roku/Amazon Prime/Online choices was to buy it for $15. I would have rented it, but I’m not sure that I want to own it. What’s your take on that?

    1. It’s a solid movie, and Matt and I spent more than $15.00 to watch it in the theater. But Ira Glass keeps telling me it’s available in iTunes. Is that one of your viewing choices? I’ve been enjoying the 10-episode podcast “Do Listen Twice” which are Ira Glass’s favorite 10 Mike Bribiglia segments from This American Life.

    1. There was one month where I watched something like 12 movies and only 1 made it into the top. That was a particularly bad month. I did have an ebb-tide period in the #52moviesbywomen project. Luckily, things turned around mid-September.

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