Trump Art gone. So is the building.

Remember how just a few weeks ago there was Trump art plastered outside of this building?

I return for another movie and *gasp* the building is gone!  I’m not sure why I’m gasping anymore as this is probably the 700th* demolished building in Portland this year, but I did have that weird, “something is off” here feeling.IMG_5875

*700 is a made-up number.  Could be true though.

2 thoughts on “Trump Art gone. So is the building.”

  1. Whoa, that was fast! Along our commute to Dan’s work, they put up a Texas Roadhouse and I swear that thing went up in like a month. I feel a little skeptical of how architecturally sound it is.

    1. I had not heard of this Texas Roadhouse thing, but google tells me its a legendary steak restaurant. Apparently the legend had not yet reached me.

      I think chain restaurants can be built so quickly because they are pre-fabricated and assembled on site. I read an article that said most homes built are built this way. Instead of the builders building, say, a staircase, the whole staircase unit is delivered and popped into place. The article in question was quibbling with the fact that the term “manufactured homes” should apply not just to mobile homes, but to regular houses also.

      The bus stop I use to get to my mom’s house had a KFC. It closed, and was torn down and then, *poof!* Some other chain restaurant appeared. I thought it interesting that they didn’t just adapt the KFC structure to their chain restaurant needs–the new one is also fast food–but I’m betting it’s cheaper for them to rebuild to their own specs.

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