View from Floor 21, American Plaza Towers

Librarian Book Group tonight was held at the American Plaza Towers.  I was quite excited to get to see the inside of these condominium towers.  In general, I love seeing the inside of any structure, but I’ve wondered about these since I moved to Portland.

I liked that the elevator exited to the open air.  It gave a feeling of openness, plus the view was great.

The condo had a great interior. It was two levels with a living/dining area, plus a kitchen that had a cozy hang-out space.  There was also a den/bedroom on the main level.  Stairs led to the two bedrooms upstairs.

This was the view from their deck.

I’ve been frustrated with the yard situation at my house and very much longed to move to the American Plaza Towers.  Currently the lowest-price condominium is advertised for $435,000 which is nowhere near my budget.  So downtown condominium living will have to be a dream deferred.

3 thoughts on “View from Floor 21, American Plaza Towers”

  1. Bear in mind where I live, but 435K for a downtown condo doesn’t sound *outrageously* pricey to me. However, I could never reconcile myself to purchasing a condo as my permanent residence because it would have all the same issues I hate about living in apartments.

    Still, great views, great location, seems nice!

    1. Well, I don’t want to live in a town where 435K for a downtown condo is the going rate.

      But apparently, I do.

      I am still hoping to someday live in a small, single-family house. I would love to just turn on my music without thinking of the people above me. But that is looking less and less likely. At least I like my house. It’s looking more and more like the forever house. Which isn’t terrible. 🙂

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