4 thoughts on “Visitor’s carry case interests Sentinel”

    1. Both cats really love their carrying cases and are happy to sit in them. Right up until the moment I zip them in. Then they hate them. Sentinel always tries to push his way out. Antares meows. Interestingly, once I get them home and let them out, they are happy once again to sit in them. They’ve got some good compartmentalization going on with those carriers.

  1. We have Archie’s crate out in the dining room (it was out for a vet trip from before our trip and then we bring it out for our cat sitters in case they need it). He LOVES it (when not conveying him to the vet, of course) and sleeps in it quite a bit. We’ve decided it can stay out for a bit if he likes it so much!

    1. Isn’t it funny? Sentinel and Antares are the same way. Whenever I get out their carriers they excitedly leap inside. I try to have the carriers out for about a week on either side of the time I need them to transport the cats, just to keep the fun/terror ratio heavily on the fun side.

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