Song of the month December 2016

Waste a Moment–Kings of Leon

Hoo-boy this song is all over the radio this month.  I like it, and because I’m usually driving when I’m listening to music on the radio, I can’t Shazaam songs.  So I do my best to remember a line or two and then google later.  The line I chose to remember was “she’s a live wire.”  This isn’t even the correct lyric, it’s “HE’S a live wire.”  But it didn’t work to google it, because you have no idea how many songs have the phrase “live wire” in them.  It’s enough that someone has complied a list.  I had to wait to hear the song again and try for a different phrase.

Video=film school attempt at deep meaning

All We Ever Knew–The Head and the Heart

Aside from the fact that there are three separate parts to this song (intro, regular part, super cool break) I just love how earnest this is.  The super cool break (feeling low, feeling high, feeling down, why isn’t this enough?) feels like 70s soft rock in all the right ways.  It’s also a sad song that sounds happy, which is an 80s thing I always enjoy encountering.

The video includes the classic tropes of “band plays in a cool location” interspersed with lots of slow-mo (walking, throwing feathers from a pillow, etc.)

4 thoughts on “Song of the month December 2016”

  1. Kings of Leon is one of those bands that I always think I don’t like, but the truth is probably just dislike their woefully overplayed “Use Somebody.” I like “Waste a Moment.”

    I only own one The Head and the Heart song (“Lost in My Mind”) but I’m quite fond of this one, which has been getting a lot of radio play here. Decades from now, when trying to explain “hipsters” to people, I think showing them this video might help.

    1. “Use Somebody” is a song for me that has not yet been overplayed. I still love it.

      Head and the Heart = Hipsters!

  2. Remind me the criteria for your song of the month. Are these your favorite ear worms of the month? Does that mean you find ways to listen to them on repeat? I really love our google play subscription because I can put a song on repeat like a champ! 🙂 How many songs vie for the title each month? Hmmmm…

    1. Criteria is that they are songs I have discovered during the month (or at sometime in the past) that I would like to purchase, much like I used to use my babysitting money to purchase 45RMP records. In fact, I maintain a playlist called 45s, in homage to that previous activity.

      Interestingly, I used to pay between $1.79 (Five-mile Records) and $3.49 (Sam Goody) for 45s in the late 80s. I pay between $0.99 and (now I can’t quite remember) $1.99 (?) to download songs.

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