More Postcards from Tennessee

Here is the missing postcard in the series.  Plus another one!

And because I know that Sara would like me to give the whole effect, here is everything together. 

These are really nice Letterpress cards that are going to look great when I switch out the postcards on the wall the next time.

4 thoughts on “More Postcards from Tennessee”

  1. Haha, never mind. I should have known! I wonder if there are lots of people who no longer know what a Luddite is?

    1. I would bet there are a lot of people who have never known what a Luddite is. I’m guessing it’s a GRE vocab word, not an SAT one.

  2. 1) YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    2) The Complete grouping is so perfect! Just as I had imagined it! I’m glad they all came.

    3) Really, Luddite isn’t readily known? Is it just those rare few who aren’t early adopters or even late adopters that know it? I feel like I knew it before I studied for the GRE and now I’m wondering if that is weird.

    4) In my continuing commenting on commenting comments I have to wonder why I didn’t skip the queue and comment on this post? Or the other in this postcard grouping. I was so excited for you to get these. But I can also be a bit structured in my ways of doing things (to put it nicely!). 😛

    1. I feel like both tech workers and artist use the term all the time, so I think it’s fairly well known.

      The complete grouping is so perfect!

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