Winco Discovery: A Rough Draft of a Short Story

At the last minute of her Business 101 class, the teacher assigned Greta to bring iced animal crackers. On her way home, she stopped at the big grocery store that reminded her of her mother frowning at every price, she headed to the cookie aisle and grabbed three bags. Her eyes shifted to the left as she calculated the cost. It looked like she would be air drying her laundry again this week.

She headed to the produce section to grab the scallions her mother had asked her to buy and as she cut through the bulk department, something caught her eye. In the white bin were the very same animal crackers she was holding. Her eyes shifted to the left again as she calculated the bulk price.

She set down her three bags and grabbed one of the industrial-strength bulk bags and started scooping, imagining the hug of warm, clean pajamas.

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