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10 books! I read 10 books in June! This was due to several factors. My awake-two-hours-in-the-middle-of-the-night insomnia seems to have returned, thus giving me more hours to read, though less actual sleep and an overall grumpiness that I don’t recommend. Also my class ended June 10 or somewhere around there. That left more time for recreational reading. Thirdly, I fell in love. Have you ever started a relationship and suddenly the need for sleep diminishes? And you don’t really want to do anything except spend time with the person? And you want to know everything about that person? That happened.

I am not afraid to say that I am in love with Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro. I am not afraid to admit that before the month was over I had purchased all five books by Dennis Lehane where they appear as characters. I am not afraid to tell you that not only did I stay up late reading said books, but was happy when I awoke in the middle of the night–more time to read. I am not afraid to tell you that I finished the last book in Hungary and bided my time until I got back home at which point I opened the first book in the series and started reading again.

I’m not really a mystery fan. I’ll read them every once in awhile, but not often. For some reason this series and I were meant to be.

Niagara Falls All Over Again. Elizabeth McCracken.

The Secret. Rhonda Byrne.

Helping Me Help Myself. One skeptic, ten self-help gurus, and a year on the brink of the comfort zone. Beth Lisick

The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austin. Syrie James.

A Drink Before the War. Dennis Lehane.

Darkness Take My Hand. Dennis Lehane.

Sacred. Dennis Lehane.

Gone, Baby, Gone. Dennis Lehane.
Yes, indeed I read it in May. But I didn’t know it was book 4 of 5. So now I am re-reading it to preserve the order. Plus, it’s a very good book.

Prayers for Rain. Dennis Lehane.

Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs. Chuck Klosterman.

Started but didn’t finish.
Ship of Fools. Katherine Anne Porter.
I was too lazy to even get into this novel to see if I would like it.

Budapest. Paul Murphy.
I got this book from the library so I could tell one of my friends all the sites she should go to when she visits Budapest this summer. It’s a small book, but has good overview information. The maps are a bit lacking, so I wouldn’t actually take it on a trip.

Didn’t even start.
Anything for Jane. Cheryl Mendelson.

3 thoughts on “Read in June”

  1. Except for the not sleeping part (which is not so good) – well done you! I think I might have read 2 or 3 books! Good thing for Goodreads…I can go check! -S

  2. Is the Gone Baby Gone – the one they made into a movie?? If so, I saw the movie. It was chilling but good. I may have to check into this series thanks for the tips!

  3. p.s. Got your postcard! Yeah what a thrill. Thanks for thinking of me… Oh, and I am putting the sun dried tomatoes on this yummy Bacon-Caesar Salad I am making tonight it is amazing – thanks again for those. Thinking of you as I eat. Love, A

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