I know it is July, but let’s head back to April.

And check out these posts you may have missed.
(some are lacking in comments, so feel free)

04/06/08. Dorky State Quarter Holder.
04/06/08. Bruunch!
04/11/08. Thier Uniform.
04/14/08. Signs.
04/16/08. A walk through Northwest Portland.
04/21/08. End of Building.
04/26/08. Menucha.
04/27/08. The grass is greener and Bizarro continues to slay me.
04/30/08. Shiner.

You can get to these posts by clicking on the link or by going to April, clicking on the last post of the month (shiner) and then clicking “older post” until you make it through the month.

3 thoughts on “I know it is July, but let’s head back to April.”

  1. Boy did I miss some! When did you post these? Was it recently and my reader missed them or was it in the past and I just missed them? Now I am a little upset with my read feed… That was fun and I enjoyed commenting. I also like this format for sharing with your readers about older posts. Very clever and I bet your page views on sitemeter will be great today! -S

  2. Thank you so much for directing me to these!! I wasn’t looking regularly then and missed most of these. Made my morning!! KMS

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