Requiem for an ugly brown chair.

“…and I love these earrings, that nobody loves but me.” Debbie Hunt in Singles.

Debbie Hunt had her earrings, I had my chair. This ugly brown chair was incredibly comfortable. It was a fabulous place to curl up and read a book and when I put some sort of throw over it, you could barely even tell it was that industrial-never-ever-will-rip 1970s fabric.

I got this chair when I lived at 40 Hobart Lane in Amherst, Mass and carried it with me when I moved to South Boston, Somerville, and all the way across the country to Portland where it lived happily in three separate places. But now I seem to have entered the adult life stage of “matching furniture” and it was time for the chair to go.

No one on Craig’s List wanted to pay for it. The Community Warehouse didn’t want it. No one on Craig’s List wanted it for free, either. Last Saturday, I paid someone $15.00 to cart away my beloved chair. I think he was after the money more than the chair.

5 thoughts on “Requiem for an ugly brown chair.”

  1. I am so glad you have completed your math class ( and so successfully!) Especially because you have time to keep up your blog. I really soo enjoy checking in with you and your musings and activities. I also enjoy a very special reclining chair. Thanks for your blog work. Kathy S

  2. I am afraid I will think I am in the wrong house when I do not see THE CHAIR. I wonder if I will miss it after all the years of asking, “When are you getting rid of that chair. That chair is still here. I thought you said you were going to get rid of that chair.” As inantimate objects often get names etc.. I feel your pain. Mom

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