5 ways

5 ways I am a traitor to my generation: (born in 1974)

  • I don’t own a cell phone
  • I never was that fond of Nirvana or Pearl Jam
  • I not only do not own, but am opposed to, ipods
  • I cook the majority of food I eat
  • I’ve only carried credit card debt for four months–and that was in 2000

5 ways I am the epitome of my generation:

  • There are two people in my household–and three computers
  • My job is a means to the end–and if I could ever figure out a different way to the end, I would
  • I volunteer on a regular basis for a variety of organizations
    I would be hard pressed to do anything without an internet connection
  • I am worried about the state of the world we live in now and the state previous generations have left it, but I am confident we can tackle and solve the problems

2 thoughts on “5 ways”

  1. Very interesting. What brought you to this post? I think I am more the epitome of my generation than not…S

  2. Does anyone in your household own an iPod? Because that’s part of you young whipper-snapper’s generation too. Maybe if you talked to the person in your household who may or may not own an iPod, that person would let you use it. And you would like it. Just sayin’.

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