Sunday Parkways.

Sunday Parkways happened only once this year. For this Sunday only, a loop of 6 miles in North Portland was closed to automobile traffic. People could walk, bike, roller blade, or somersault their way through the loop. There were bands and performances and food vendors. It was very fun.

I rode the loop soon after it opened at 8 a.m. It was a slow start, but that meant I could ride fairly quickly. They day was gray, cold and a bit rainy and there weren’t many people out. This didn’t stop these two fundraisers.
Here Batman and the Fairy Princess pour lemonade for me. Who could resist?
After completing the loop, I headed downtown for a meeting. When I came back, the sun had come out and many, many people had made their way to the loop. It was a bit crowded. Thus, slower for me.
Coming off the Failing Street Overpass.
Crossing Interstate. It was cool because people on the Parkways had the right of way.
Matt got up late and decided to go jogging. I suggested that he could run the loop. He did, in the last hour it was open. He was thrilled that he could go faster than the bicyclists on the overpasses, because they had to walk their bikes and he could run. When he got back, we compared favorite bumper stickers. His was this:
Mine was, “Inside every old person their is a young person wondering what the hell happened.”

Events like these are yet another reason I’m glad I live in Portland.

One thought on “Sunday Parkways.”

  1. How fun! I love the lemonade from Batman and a Princess. I couldn’t have resisted either. You are right, Portland is a great place to live!

    PS-So glad that you enjoyed your public schools pamphlet! I just couldn’t resist when I found it, I knew it would be a nice addition to the Orange Door! -S

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