Letters written June 11-20.

Sara once again received the largess of letters this month, but what can I say? She writes me. I write back.

11 June. Thank you notes. 3 students and 4 student teachers.
12 June. Sara.
13 June. Sara.
**Letter back: Sara
14 June. Kelly, postcard.
**Letter back: Sara, Diane (LEX), Gerry (LEX)
15 June. Sara.
16 June. Sara.
17 June. Sara.
18 June. No one.
19 June. LEX Melody
20 June. No one.

One thought on “Letters written June 11-20.”

  1. Are you stalking me? Hee hee!! JK JK JK! It is so nice to have someone to write to who writes back as well. When we first moved to VA I wrote a tons of letters and NO ONE well, very few actually wrote back. I was not working and only taking entry level grad classes…so I had some major time on my hands. But it was very sad for me! -S

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