I’ve been putting money into a savings account to fund an emergency fund of three months of living expenses for more than 10 years. The emergency fund has been depleted time and again over the years, mostly because of emergencies. There have also been periods of employment where I could only save $25.00 per month. When you are shooting for $5100 in savings, depositing $25.00 per month can be particularly disheartening.

Still I persisted. And this month, I’m proud to say that I have reached my emergency fund’s first goal. Yip-yip-yipee! My next goal will be to have six months of living expenses in the bank.

What should I do to celebrate? Perhaps buy a pony?

Kidding. I’ll probably read another personal finance book.

4 thoughts on “Hallelujah!”

  1. Congrats on reaching your goal. And many many thanks for the "silent" chorus video. I smiled and smiled and then some more smiling. Loved it. Thanks kathy s (Sara's Mo)

  2. Well done! WE would be hard pressed to have an emergency fund at our home. What an impressive goal! Yay you! The monks, classic!

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