A redoubling of efforts.

It’s been 18 days since I started my two-posts-per-day regimen. The good news is that I have posted 41 new posts since that time. The bad news is I am just now tip-toeing out of May.There are roughly 3 weeks until PSU school starts, and I want to be within a month of present day at that point. I need to be to August 29 or further. So I’m going to strive for four posts done per day. If I can do that, there will be 88 new posts published and we will hopefully be into September. Right?

Ugh! Never again will I get so behind.

10/3 note (date I’m actually hitting the “publish post” button): Hey! According to this blog post, I met my goal! Good job me!

One thought on “A redoubling of efforts.”

  1. WOWZERS!!! You have done an amazing job. I know what its like to get in a hole and feel the blog pressure! You are doing really great!!!

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