It’s even later in June and I’m still cold.

I’m tabling for Proud Ground at the farmers market and it is pouring. When I bought my new spring coat in April I thought to myself, “It’s a pretty heavy coat, I probably won’t get much use out of it this year because it will warm up soon.”

Oh how wrong I was. I was buttoned up to the collar and I wore the wool hat for most of the volunteer shift, too. Did I mention that school’s out for the year and it’s summer vacation?

4 thoughts on “It’s even later in June and I’m still cold.”

  1. Thanks, lady. Though I would prefer to "look great" without so many layers on because the weather is actually warm.

  2. Can I send our 13 degrees with 117 degrees heat index your way? We need to mix the two extremes and we would have perfect weather!

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