New plan for old comforter

Readers with long memories and ample room in the brains for the smallest detail of my exciting life will recall that I bought the blue duvet cover to put on the much loved, though wearing out Holly Hobbie comforter from my childhood. Well, as time went on, it became more apparent that the full-sized duvet cover was too much duvet cover for my not-really-full-sized Holly Hobbie comforter. But I had paid all this money–actually spent a gift card, so not really– and I didn’t want the blue duvet cover to go to waste, so what to do?

Eventually, the solution came to me. For years I’ve had a full-sized duvet that I never got around to buying a cover for. In fact, said naked duvet has been on my bed all along. Eventually, I had the “Eurika!” moment wherein I realized I could put the blue, full-sized duvet cover on the naked full-sized duvet! Then, I would be free to buy a (much cheaper) twin sized duvet cover for Holly Hobbie and continue on with my placid life.

All of this came to pass, as you can see: naked duvet, covered, Holly Hobbie ensconced in a new solid square print twin-sized duvet cover, which fits much better.


2 thoughts on “New plan for old comforter”

  1. Very good. Holly Hobby lives to see another sleep! The question I have is: do you get too hot under all of those covers?

  2. Well, they aren't all on the bed year round. Right now there is just one comforter and one blanket. But because our house doesn't have central heating and instead has cadet heaters that I feel make it too warm in the house and thus I never turn them on (this sentence has gotten away from me) it's pretty cold in the house for most of the year, so a lot of comforters are necessary. When it dropped down below twenty I had three comforters and still had to get out the wool army blanket to put on top.

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