A walk along N. Greenwich Avenue

I usually walk to Laurie and Bert’s house along N. Fenwick Avenue so I can see the Brigadoon House.  But today I ended up on Greenwich Avenue, which could be renamed Infill/Teardown Central.

Here we have a modest-size house, normal for this street. Next to it is an infill 5-unit apartment complex built where a modest-size house used to be.  Next to that is a gargantuan space of many units, built where yet another modest-size house used to be.

From the other direction: two modest-size houses being dwarfed by the new construction next to them and the new construction behind them.  I have less of a problem with the new construction behind them.  It fronts Interstate, is a Head Start combined with affordable apartments and, most importantly HAS PARKING.  Neither of these two new buildings can say that.

Just down the street we see what is replacing a very cute cottage that sold twice since I lived here, the second time to a developer who had bigger plans.

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  1. I am always intrigued at how modern they look. I think it might be fun if the infill had to have a sort of retro "fit into the neighborhood" vibe from the exterior.

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