A walk along N. Greenwich Avenue

I usually walk to Laurie and Bert’s house along N. Fenwick Avenue so I can see the Brigadoon House.  But today I ended up on Greenwich Avenue, which could be renamed Infill/Teardown Central.

Here we have a modest-size house, normal for this street. Next to it is an infill 5-unit apartment complex built where a modest-size house used to be.  Next to that is a gargantuan space of many units, built where yet another modest-size house used to be.

From the other direction: two modest-size houses being dwarfed by the new construction next to them and the new construction behind them.  I have less of a problem with the new construction behind them.  It fronts Interstate, is a Head Start combined with affordable apartments and, most importantly HAS PARKING.  Neither of these two new buildings can say that.

Just down the street we see what is replacing a very cute cottage that sold twice since I lived here, the second time to a developer who had bigger plans.

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  1. I am always intrigued at how modern they look. I think it might be fun if the infill had to have a sort of retro "fit into the neighborhood" vibe from the exterior.

  2. It’s just so difficult to believe how much construction is going on there, and how much of it is apartments!

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