A Trip to Edgefield

I took myself on a short vacation to kick off my spring break.  Here’s where I went and you can see the bus stop where I disembarked.  It takes about 90 minutes door to door to get to Edgefield.  Only one transfer!

Copula as seen through blossoms.

Grape vines ready.

I planned to check in exactly at 3:00, so as to maximize my stay.  Since I was early, I took a little walk.  Of course I headed straight for the vegetable garden.

Potatoes had been planted, and this chard was doing well.

The first asparagus I’ve seen this year!

Mustard.  Bolting;

Edgefiled has many nice cobb benches.

It turns out many people had the same idea to check in exactly at 3:00, so there was a bit of a line.  But just look how big my room was!

Two beds, two chairs and a couch!  I booked late, so all the regular Full-single rooms were taken.  But I was very happy with the couch  and chairs.  There was a lot of sprawling and reading.

On my way to the Power Station for some food I found this pretty plant.

Fulfilling my stamp requirements, I purchased a Beer sampler.  I discovered that 1) I was not a fan of the Termanator Stout (too bitter).  2)Both IPAs did not wow me.  3) I was completely in love with Ruby Ale.  Like I would actually order it of my own volition, not just to get a stamp.  4)I liked the Seasonal Madness, which had the word “red” in the title.  5) I really liked the Brewer’s choice, but alas do not remember what it was.

Also, as a public service announcement, I also did not drink all the sampler on my own.  I drank three of the samples and sipped on the other two enough to confirm I did not like them.  Even with eating  a pizza, three samples were probably my limit.  Which is how I like it.  Being a lightweight is quite cost effective.

Also, I never did read the back of the sheet.  Perhaps when we order another sampler so Matt can get his stamp.

The rest of my Edgefield visit involved reading quietly in my room, doing my usual McMenamins plan of choosing a different bathroom every time, soaking in the soaking pool in the morning when the pool was mostly deserted and it was pouring rain.

It was a lovely visit.

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  1. Wow, that room is huge! And lovely. That flower is pretty amazing too, and the beer sampler looks good. I’ve gotten slightly more into beer lately. Your getaway sounds nice and relaxing.

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