4 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Art on NW Couch & 10th”

  1. Neither descriptor has changed.

    Oh past us…do something, current us can only fret. (I know we can do more – but holy f-balls what has happened by day 8 makes my heart hurt.)

    1. I was trying to decide today if things continue at this furious and horrible pace if we will a just get numb to it. I hope not.

  2. I feel like I’m being constantly bombarded by awfulness.

    The downside to having anti-Trump art like that is that you have to look at his stupid face even more than you already do.

    1. That was going to be a big upside of him losing the election. Before his campaign, I had zero contact with DJT, except for wondering why people watched the Apprentice. I was looking forward to him fading back into that limelight that I’m blind to. But like everything else regarding the 2016 contest, up became down and left became right and now I see/hear him all the time. #fail.

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