Three sentence movie reviews: A Royal Night Out


One of those movies I’m guaranteed to like, what with being very interested in identity formation and young people going out into the world on their own.  This is a gorgous tale of V-E Day celebrations and how the crown princess and P2 celebrate. I think my teeth dried out from my smiling so much.

Cost: free due to mom’s Netflix account
Where watched: at mom’s with mom.

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5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: A Royal Night Out”

  1. This popped up in my netflix queue and I thought it looked pretty TFS! Nice to also have your review. Adding it to the TBW (to be watched – I made a pinboard) queue now!

  2. So I just pinned it. This way when I see a 3 sentence movie review of a movie that I want to watch I will not forget it. Smart, huh?

  3. This has been coming up in my suggestions and I’ve been on the fence about it, but I just added it to my queue. I could do with something sweet and cute.

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