Big Trimet day.

Wanna come along?  Well, you missed the first part, because I didn’t think to take pictures.  Imagine the Lombard Transit center, where I picked up the #4 and rode it over to Vancouver street.  There, I disembarked and went to the Dishman Community Center to swim.  Finished there, I walked to MLK to grab the #6.  Here we can switch to photos.

Across the street from this stop for the #6, are two houses, both alike in dignity/ in fair Portland where we lay our scene.  They are also apparently owned by the same person, who painted them the same color.

Where I came from:  Dishman.
I disembarked at Burnside and MLK to switch to the #20.  I probably had enough time to walk up to the theater, but was hungry, and wanted to leave time for a lunch more substantial than popcorn.  While at this stop the gentleman waiting with me asked me what I took the picture of.  When I explained it was for my blog he asked, “Who reads it?”  I told him that friends did and his reply was “Oh” and he ceased talking to me.  This amused me.  I guess I wasn’t a famous enough blogger for him.
I went with Tapalaya for food and had a very good pulled pork sandwich with two sides:  collards with bacon and a black-eye pea salad.
My movie destination was right around the corner.
Waiting for the #20 again.  This was my longest wait of 20 minutes.  O! Sunday schedule, why must you thwart me!  Happily, my time was taken up by watching a disaffected youth cross Burnside, forcing cars to stop for him while he flipped them off.  He then stood behind a pole that was part of the building across the street and in short order a police cruiser pulled up, parked and talked with him then searched. him.  A second cruiser arrived to help with the search and a third cruiser showed up, searched him again and then took him away.  He didn’t seem to be opposed to the idea and I wondered what story I missed there.  Of note:  the first police officer was a man, but the other two were women.
The #20 deposited me a block from my work, where I ran a quick errand.
Then walked to the Yellow Line and had to wait another 10 minutes.

From the Yellow Line, I disembarked and walked the final four blocks to my home.  Thanks Trimet for ferrying me around.

3 thoughts on “Big Trimet day.”

  1. Well done with your use of public transit. Do you wish it was easier, or is this easier? When I am transiting I certainly enjoy the process. I get less warm fuzzy feelings when the ride has multiple aspects to it.

    PS-I'm glad you took us along!

  2. The cutbacks in service make this less enjoyable than five years ago. I used to be able to take the 6 from the Lombard Transit Center, but now the 6 goes on a different route. I prefer wait times of less than 10 minutes, but I was traveling on a Sunday, and they have cut a lot of Sunday service, but overall it wasn't bad. On this day, I was in the mood for a journey and most of these places aren't fun to park around, so it was fun. I also like that I can read. But no, normally if I have to transfer, I'm not as interested in the trip.

    Today I drove to a bunch of errands, and it was much, much less pleasant, though it would have taken much longer on Trimet. In fact, I don't think I would have been able to do them all.

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