Three sentence movie reviews: Rush

On a scale of one-to-ten, my interest in Formula One Racing hovers somewhere in the negative numbers. However, on a scale of one-to-ten my interest in Chris Hemsworth hovers somewhere above an eight.  So it was I attended this picture show about a subject I care nothing about, directed by a director I find semi-okay* and strangely, I found myself loving this movie for its characters, especially Niki Lauda who was the “head”-approach in contrast to James Hunt’s “gut” approach to racing.

Cost:  $3.00
Where watched:  Laurelhurst

I went with this poster because the US version only has Chris Hemsworth on the front.  Because those marketing people know their audience.  But Chris Hemsworth–as enjoyable as his dreamy looks and massive physique and incredibly deep voice is/are–was not the star of this movie, Daniel Bruhl was.  Watch it and see if you disagree with me.

*Aside from Parenthood and this film, I find all Ron Howard movies a bit draggy in the middle.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Rush”

  1. Yeah, I have no interest in Formula One racing either, but this one has been on my list for either Netflix or library loan watching at some point.

  2. We just watched this at the cheap seats. It was wonderful. And though I have no affinity for racing, I watched a lot of it in my youth, as it was enjoyed by my family.

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