Boise Public Library!

There are three things of absolutely no real value that I carry around in my wallet because I can’t bear to let them go.*  This is one of them: my Boise Public Library card I had for the majority of my growing up.
It even has the sticker from when I paid $2.00 so I could rent movies from the library.  Also, if you haven’t already noticed, the Boise Public Library is not just a library but a Library!  The library deserves an exclamation point, man, and it got one.  You can read about how it happened here.
Book return.  Still looks the same.
As you can see, the library cards have changed and now you get a choice.
Walking in, I just stood for a bit, taking it all in.  This used to be the YA section.  I read a lot of the YA books.
I always loved this painting and was happy to see it in a prominent place.
This dragon has been sitting in the children’s section for as long as I can remember.  I can also remember not being able to reach the top shelf.
The story time area, which looks exactly the same.
On the mural, you can open some of the books and read them.  So very fun when you are five.
This corner used to be a separate room where I did a summer reading class.
The library has always displayed quilts from the Boise Basin Quilter’s Guild.
Here’s today’s summer reading program.
They still have an amazing media section.  The last time I was a regular user, they still had some albums, but had mostly moved to CDs.
The adult fiction stacks.  Where I found the book Eddie and the Cruisers as well as so many other good reads.
Um.  Typo.
Still the same!  I love this light fixture.
I read the details of the adult summer reading and it is much better than Multnomah County’s Adult Summer Reading program.  Ahem!
In High School, I loved to hide in these carrels and do my homework. I pretended I was in college.
This is the exact same signage! It has not changed in decades.
One thing that has changed.  There are fewer stacks and more banks of computers.
The view from up top.
Table Rock and the “B.”
I remember being surprised to learn that not everyone grew up in a place with a large white initial overlooking the town.  I was in college when this revelation occurred.  I had to explain to the guy what I was talking about, he had no idea.
The upstairs research area where I would sometimes get magazines from the 50s and just glory in every aspect: the size of them, the advertisements, the length of the articles.
I needed Internet access and the nice librarian issued me an Internet-only library card, good for one year.  Thanks Boise Public Library!
How is it that they have the exact same signage?  I just can’t get over this.
At the checkout station is this map of the city.  Once per year you had to verify your address by finding it on the map.
The inside book drops.
Taking advantage of the free wi-fi and the shade on the side of the building.

*The wallet itself kind of falls into that category. It’s still the exact same chain wallet I bought in 1992. 

3 thoughts on “Boise Public Library!”

  1. OMG!!! I love this! I'm now wishing I had been strolling with you in the stacks. I love that it is SO much the same. Same children's reading area, same artwork (I also LOVE that print of our dear Idaho winning her way to fame), same super cool (now even more so) mid-century modern lighting fixtures, same same, same! Does it even smell the same? I have a distinct smell memory! I would do most of my teacher checking out here as the branch system (new) had not just fully taken effect when we were in Boise. I love that all of the branches have ! as well. Flying Pie Pizza, you rock! As does BPL!!!

  2. I still have my MPL library card. Somewhere, I believe in storage, I even still have my library card from Germany.

    The other day, I got an email notice that my Maui library card was expiring. I didn't even know it was still good, lol. Austin's library cards expire every year unless you go in and renew.

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