Boise Farmers Market

There were no farmers markets in Boise upon my last living there.  So I wandered down to check out the one near my hotel.

These girls were selling play-doh which I found kind of genius.  It also made me wonder just how much it costs to rent a stall at this Farmer’s Market.

Coffee and pastries were selling well.
This guy’s business was called “North End Lavender.”  If only I liked lavender, I would have bought some.

My impression was that there were a lot more vendors of meat than the farmers markets I come across in Portland.  Also, I bought some cheese curds that were flavored.  They had many choices, but the one I went with was tomato basil.  I found flavored cheese curds to be a very good food product idea.

I also bought some cherries for friends I was visiting and delicious raspberries.  So good!

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  1. I have only been to the original "Saturday Market" further down. I was intrigued that we (yes, I couldn't help myself but use that pronoun for a hometown that is no longer my actual home) can support more than one.

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