Earliest reserve times for Oregon State Parks

Back when I had the boring job (thankfully many, many years ago) I put together a table of when to reserve campsites (cabins/yurts/teepees/etc.) through the Oregon State Parks.  The rules in Oregon are that you can reserve nine months and two weeks before your visit.

This table of dates has been posted on a bulliten board that was tidied away and then the table moved to the inbox, where I was going to make a blog post.  And then another year passed.   But here it is!

There seem to be no tables in WordPress, and I’m too lazy to make an illustration so here’s the stripped down format:

Holiday or “Holiday” (approximate date of holiday) when to reserve

New Years (1st week in January) reserve by April 1
MLK (3rd week in January) reserve by Mid-April
President’s Day (3rd week in February) reserve by Mid-May
Halfway between MLK & Memorial Day (Mid-march to end of March) June 15-30
Memorial Day (last weekend in May) August 30
Mid-July (Mid-July) October 15
First of August (First of August) November 1
Labor Day (First Monday in September) December 1
Veterans Day (11th of November) February 11
Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) End of February
Christmas (25th of December) March 25

Due to calendar variations, you may have to adjust the reserve dates slightly.  But you get the picture.

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