Requiem: Yellow Job Notebook

Once upon a time, a teacher told me to keep a notebook with all the information I would need to apply for a job.  I believe this was my ninth grade reading teacher, and her name has fallen out of my memory, though I can picture her classroom, where it was located (in a school that has now been torn down) and the fact that Ryan Fitzgerald was in that class with me.

I thought this was good advice and I wanted a job, so I found a notebook and started my list.  [And now I see that it can’t be my ninth grade reading teacher who told me, because the first entries were all put at the same time and I didn’t start working until tenth grade. So I’m not sure what happened there.  Maybe I had a different notebook as a starter notebook?]

At any rate, I’ve kept it all these years, adding to it every time I started a job search again. In tidying last year, I set it in my inbox to transition to a Word document, because job hunting has changed and no longer do I need to fill out paper applications (thank god).  I’ve finally made a word document called “Yellow Job Notebook”, but thought I would capture it one last time before I sent it on its way.  Notice the addition of my typing speed and the type of printer I once owned.IMG_5443

Here’s the first page.  Ah memories.  Wild Waters doesn’t even exist anymore.  Though someone has made a helpful Facebook page of Where Wild Waters Used to Be  and some photos.  And look at my rates of pay!IMG_5444

3 thoughts on “Requiem: Yellow Job Notebook”

  1. This is a great idea! I think I have something similar around here somewhere (a folder rather than a notebook). I don’t know if someone advised me to do so or if I came up with the idea on my own.

  2. Was your ninth grade reading teacher Mrs. Warner? Her classroom was at the end of the hall by the library next to Mrs. Garcia… That’s who I had. And, yes, I remembered that without looking it up. That is what is sad.

    1. Yes! That must have been her. There was a time when I could list ALL my teachers from Kindergarten through graduation. I used to do it when I had to keep my mind occupied. Probably from obsessing about a boy. But at some point, my middle and high school schedules have flitted from my mind. I remember that band in high school was 4th period, because it was before lunch. And I think Jazz Band was fifth period (after lunch) and Drum Corps was sixth period, because they were cool that way.

      I even used to remember the mid-semester switches, but no longer. Vacated from my brain. I’m impressed you remember.

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