Dead Relatives Tour 2016

For some reason it’s taken me a long time to notice this carved piece of art. It’s kind of 60’s cool, in keeping with the decor.  That’s a far-out Jesus.IMG_5445

Uncle Tom is still resting in peace.  I missed taking a picture of the Great-great grandparents grave.IMG_5446

At the next cemetery, I apparently had my camera set to “poster” again.  This is Aunt Pat getting started.IMG_5448

And the finished product.IMG_5449

Then we ate Chinese food.

6 thoughts on “Dead Relatives Tour 2016”

  1. Is this a memorial day tradition for your family? I’ve never lived in a place where there were family graves, so I only think about war dead on the holiday. I think Sara’s family might do visits though.

    1. It is a life-long tradition. In Boise, we would put flowers on the Collins’ graves and in Portland there are a bevy of grave sites for the Stenaros side. I love cemeteries in general, so I would probably visit them regardless on Memorial Day.

  2. I did a cemetery tour this year with Jody and Mom. We had a huge bucket of fresh roses and visited four graveyards in four different towns and visited grandpa.

    1. Four different towns is quite impressive. We could make a third stop at a cemetery and decorate my great-grandparents graves, but I haven’t been able to motivate them to do that again. We did it one year, but then it was never mentioned again.

  3. I’m digging psychedelic Jesus! I love it when you post about this because I love this tradition. It’s such a nice idea, and I’m sure your family members would appreciate the gesture.

    1. Thanks Jan. I’m finding it difficult each year to find things to photograph that have not already been photographed. That’s why I was so surprised to see that Jesus.

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