Great Aunt Betty’s Obit.

This is one of my grandmother’s younger sisters.
Elizabeth Jane Whitmore MacDougall
October 15, 1920 – April 8, 2014
Betty was born in Portland to Helen (Hawes) and Raymond Whitmore, the sixth of 15 children.  Betty is survived by her children Dolores (Woods) Veenendaal and Dwayne Woods. 
To Betty, family was life’s most important gift and she loved them all.  She enjoyed family occasions both big and small.
“Grannie” aka “The Great One” was thrilled to welcome her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.
Betty was a retired meat wrapper.  She was a skilled seamstress and ceramic painter.  She loved to crochet, a skill she learned from her mother.  She enjoyed gardening and having flowers in her backyard.  She also grew berries to make jam for her great-grandchildren.
Betty’s memorial will be a party serving her favorite foods, chocolate, ice cream, Sprite and coffee.  All family and friends are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Great Aunt Betty’s Obit.”

  1. I'm sorry for your family's loss. I hope your mom & aunts are doing okay. The sixth of fifteen children? That's amazing. What number was your grandma?

  2. I'm not very sad, but not because we didn't like her. She was 94! And ready to go, from the sounds of it. My grandmother, I'm quite proud to say, was #1.

  3. She does look rather sassy in that picture. Sassy and crotchety. That is a goal I hope to attain!

  4. What a fabulous Obit! There is so much wit and personality in it! (And I know from Obits). And a party serving her favorites is awesome! You didn't tell me how your goal of speaking to your relatives went. She sounded like a pretty cool lady.

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