Catching insidious sexism in Parade Magazine.

Ah, the profile of real moms.

“It would be a lot harder if she didn’t have so much help at home from her husband…”
Why is what the husband does at home “helping”?  Does he not live there too?  Does he also “babysit” his own children?  

3 thoughts on “Catching insidious sexism in Parade Magazine.”

  1. Oh P, you're so silly! We all know that men don't do housework unless the woman is sick or it's Mother's Day!

  2. Ha ha! Both of you are cracking me up!

    Good spotting on the sexism, though. Did you write them a letter?

  3. Nope. Just complained via blog. The very next week they had another one, which will appear in a later post. And if I still read Walter Scott's Personality Parade, I would have a few examples every week because that guy is not with the right century. I stopped reading him when he suggested Hillary Clinton was better off in pantsuits because her legs were unattractive.

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