Postcard from Singapore

This is from Kathleen, who lives in Singapore and makes it a point to read at least one book per month.  She is a wedding cinematographer and has a blog.  She sent along a great quote, which is also featured in this beautiful picture on her blog.

It also came with this fabulous “Vanishing Trades” stamp.
I kind of love Kathleen.

4 thoughts on “Postcard from Singapore”

  1. What a beautiful building! Does the card say what it is? She sounds delightful. I like that picture on her blog.

  2. The postcard is mum on its subject. But the postcard is distributed by Impressive Postcards. Which I find funny.

  3. Her blog is very lovely. That leads me to ponder if you put your blog address on your postcards. That vanishing trades stamp is excellent, I want to see the whole series.

  4. I don't put my blog address on the postcard (my handwriting isn't good enough to fit it in legibly) but it is on my profile, which the recipient can see when they register the postcard.

    I wanted to see the rest of the vanishing trades too, and the internet helped us there. Here are (small) pictures of the rest of the stamps and description of the trades:

    A google search of "vanishing trades Singapore stamps" brings up bigger images so you can see them clearly. My favorite is "parrot astrologers"

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