Hiking the Gorge: Angel’s Rest

It’s another early Sunday morning and time for another hike.  This was a quick up-and-back to Angel’s Rest.

The Columbia River from not-so-much elevation.IMG_5653

Matt on the trail.  He would like you to note his good calf definition.IMG_5654

Can you see the hidden falls?IMG_5655

Hollow logIMG_5656


Taking stock of if we are there yet.

IMG_5658 IMG_5659

We now have a map.  It did not help as much as the trail runner who happened by.IMG_5660

We make it to Angel’s Rest.IMG_5661

The angels have many rocks on which to rest.IMG_5662

Two angels, resting.IMG_5663

I forgot to take this picture at the beginning, so here it is at the end.IMG_5664

What happens when you forget to unzoom before taking the self-portrait.IMG_5665

More successful shot.  But not a great one.  What is Matt looking at?IMG_5667

On this hike there were long discussions of Girls Season 4, which I had just finished watching.  Also Enterprise, which Matt is working his way through.

3 thoughts on “Hiking the Gorge: Angel’s Rest”

  1. I love the selfie commentary. I have so many like that – where AM I looking? No clue! Beautiful views. Looks like it was worth the climb.

    Ha! I also have some very close up looks at my forehead! Hee hee!!!

  2. Oh, we just finished watching Enterprise! My take – Seasons 1 & 2: Mostly mediocre with a few great episodes. Season 3: Awful. Season 4: Amazing. Finally found its legs, only to get cancelled. I think my main problem is that I can’t stand Captain Archer.

    Really great pics! I particularly loved the view from Angel’s Rest.

    Also, nice calf definition, Matt!

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