Three sentence movie reviews: Ghostbusters


I was so busy taking a stand against internet trolls that the first couple of jokes flew by me before I remembered, “Oh yeah, this is a comedy.”*  And I started laughing and didn’t stop, except when I was being scared, or enjoying that happy, glowing feeling when I realized just how much I’m enjoying a movie.  This was a big winner for me, from the name of one of the characters, to the hilarity, to the fact that a major kick-ass action scene was performed by a female wearing overalls.**

Cost: $10.00
Where watched: Bagdad Theater with Matt, and also AM and BM, who Matt happened to run into.)

*”Anti-Irish fencing” was the phrase where my brain woke up.
**I’ve listened with open ears to the critical responses (Filmspotting was particularly savage in it’s analysis in a way I don’t usually hear on that podcast) and I have to say, that I hear what you are saying, but I just don’t care.  This movie and I are friends forever.  I loved it.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Ghostbusters”

  1. Now a real 3 sentence movie comment:
    I’m so glad that you LOVED it. It is still in my queue of movies to watch! I’m hoping to catch it at our cheap seats theater!

  2. It’s funny, every woman I know who’s seen it loved it. Every man I know who’s seen it has panned it mercilessly. I haven’t seen it yet, and thus have no opinion.

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