Julia Davis Park

I took a short walk along the Greenbelt in Julia Davis Park.  I wanted to see the river traffic.

But look!  There’s a designated smoking area in Julia Davis Park.  Apparently the guy I came across smoking outside of the designated smoking area was not aware of this/does not care.  I did not tell him.

There were a lot of people on the river.
I was hoping for some bridge jumpers, but this isn’t the best place to jump and so there were no takers.  But I wasn’t the only one seeing how many people were floating.
There are places to pull out of the river and hang for awhile.  One of them is right near the bridge I was standing on.
A certain brother of mine does not like all the new rules and regulations.
I wandered into the water and so did this friendly fella.  He wanted me to throw something, but I just chatted at him.
In the river!
It’s pretty shallow here.  If I were floating this would be a BU, FU part.  (Butts up, feet up)
It’s a very good way to spend the afternoon.
Here are the pictures I got from the bridge.  I’m partial to the individual tube, rather than the raft, as you get to actually be in the water.  I also noticed that while we used actual tire inner tubes back in the day, everyone I saw today has tubes manufactured for the purpose of floating.

2 thoughts on “Julia Davis Park”

  1. That looks like a nice park, although I find it weird that there's a designated smoking area. I can't say that I've seen a lot of smokers hanging out in parks around here. That's a cute doggie.

  2. I love the floats collage. Real inner tubes are the way to go. 🙂 Though, truthfully, I was not a huge fan of floating the river in actuality. Perhaps the summers away thing is the explanation. I also don't like feeling so much out of control, which I always did in the 'too fast" spots! That's where I fell out of my tube once.

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