More driving

I put 200 miles on the car in Boise alone.  Thanks to the fact I don’t have to do it every day, I do love to drive.

Mom’s house, post divorce.  I’m a fan of older, rather than newer houses, but I always liked the details on this house.  I’m not a fan of the new color though.  And mom’s landscaping was much better.

Simplot Hill.  This is where we went ice blocking.  I wonder if that is still done.  I just googled the term “ice blocking” and it seems it is not an activity exclusive to Boise, Idaho.  We always did it at night and I used to imagine J.R. Simplot listening to the laughter rolling up the hill to his home.
I drove up to Bogus Basin Ski Area, which I have not really visited before.  I’m not a winter sports person.  I was very surprised at how small and winding the road is.  It was a fun drive, but I don’t think I would want to do it in the winter.
The ski area in summer.
And more ski area in summer.
You are welcome, Bogus.
Overlooking town.
More views of Boise from afar.
Again, the landscape!
I love it.
This used to be a grocery store near Simplot’s house. It’s where we would buy our blocks of ice.
I’m pretty sure this is where my mother bought me the kelly green polyester sweater I had to wear for band concerts at West Junior High.  Just one block down the street was the place everyone got their letter jackets.

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  1. Ice blocking! What a thrill!!! I hope its still happening. I was glad to see that Nelson's was still there, just as the letterman jacket place! Oh is that a sexist way of putting it? I think so, but that is what I always call them. Interesting.

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