3 thoughts on “Making the most of the sun”

  1. Man, I had no idea how much my animals craved “lying around in sun spots” time until we moved to a place that actually gets sun. This afternoon, Miri sauntered out of the bedroom the exact minute the sun began to peek through the family room windows, stretched out in a spot, and began to happily groom herself. I think she’s got the whole house timed out.

    1. Sounds like I need to be reincarnated as your cat. 🙂

      I’ve noticed that cats are very good at knowing how much time passes. They also really like their routines.

  2. There’s a great afternoon sun spot in our guest room. When I can’t find Arch in his usual haunts (the 6 different boxes we have strewn about the house just for him or on his heating pad chair), that is where I will find him! Smart, smart kitties!

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