Square Dance Graduation

Not only did I get this nice certificate, I also received my very own Rosetown Ramblers badge.  Fame 2017 is our class name.  Each class picks a rose for their name.  We liked our choice because it could go in a David Bowie direction or a musical theater direction.

4 thoughts on “Square Dance Graduation”

  1. I agree, a very versatile name. Am I crazy, or do they march/dance in the Rose Parade? The name sounds so familiar and I can’t imagine that square dancing was on my radar for another reason.

  2. This is super cool! I love that certificate. And the name tag is the bomb! Dance in the Pride Parade?!?!?! AWESOME!!!

    Love the dangling Name/Year! Does that mean you will continue to amass dangling year/name badges to add to your name tag?

    1. Dangles are another square dance thing. When you go to special dances, you get a diamond-shaped disk with loops on either end. Then, you can attach them to your name tag. Some people have very long dangles. I find them slightly messy, plus, they work better on men’s chests than women’s chests (breasts). I will probably stick with what I have now, although some people have some really cool Diversity Dance tags with a pride flag on them, and I’m lusting after those.

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