My 100 Days, post #1

YA author and Vlogger John Green decided to have a healthy mid-life crisis last year.  He and his best friend set out to develop healthy habits with exercise, meditation and diet.  Due to the magic of YouTube and John Green being a popular YouTuber, we all got to follow their progress. You can watch for yourself, if you want, by going here.

I find most things John Green does enjoyable and this series was no different.  However, the series went in a predictable way.  Experts were interviewed at the beginning and one of the recommendations was 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.  Very little of the exercise in 100 Days was moderate in scope.  In what I think of as a very American way to go about exercise, nearly all of the workouts were intense, caused a lot of groaning and, in the early days, some dry-heaving by John.

I and several other people pointed out that the exercise that was happening wasn’t very moderate. The response was that they wanted to do more intensive exercise. John Green deals with OCD issues and found that an exhausting workout helped him a lot with his symptoms.

In the end, John Green found that he really loved exercise in a way he couldn’t have imagined when he began the project.  I enjoyed watching his progress, and found myself deciding to do my own 100 days project, tailored to what I think will work for me.

Like the original project, my 100 Days project will encompass exercise and meditation. Rather than diet, I will focus on food habits.  I plan to use the month of May to track where I am currently then begin my 100 days project on May 29, which will bring my project to a close on September 6. This is a project I would be better off doing during the winter, as summer is the time of the super me, and everything tends to be better, but no matter.

Between now and my first pre-100 days check-in post on April 30, look for posts on where I am right now with exercise, mediation and food habits.

6 thoughts on “My 100 Days, post #1”

  1. I have not looked at John Green’s progress but from what you described I am excited to follow your own attempt..!

    One thing John does which I really enjoy is when he updates his social media live as he watches Liverpool FC games as I am also a fellow fan of the football club.

    1. 99% of my football knowledge comes from John’s Manchester United updates in the Dear Hank and John podcast. 🙂

        1. Ack! What was I saying? John Green would be disappointed in me. He gives AFC Wimbledon updates. Sheesh!

  2. I’m so looking forward to reading about your progress! I’m hoping that it will inspire me to start my own 100 days project.

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