Vintage Cakes: The Classic

I have long wanted to make this cake as the yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my favorite cake combination. And the Easter/Greek Easter celebration seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Perfect opportunity to decorate with Peeps, that is!  And some other sundry Easter candy.

This cake was divine.  The cake was just the right level of moist.  The frosting was easy to make and also delicious.  Not surprisingly, no one opted for a Peep with their cake.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Cakes: The Classic”

  1. Ugggghhhhh, peeps. Blech. They do make a pretty cute decoration, though. I love this Vintage Cakes book of yours. Has making the recipes been fun for you?

    1. I was reflecting the other day how lovely it’s been since the Vintage Cakes book came into my life. I think I’m down to about 10-15 cakes I haven’t yet made. But some of them are never going to get made, because they have things in them I don’t like.

      I make a note on the recipe of what the occasion was for the cake. It’s fun to flip through and see.

      I have two extra packages of Peeps. Do you want me to send them to you? 🙂

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