Random song: You Don’t Know How it Feels.

I wrote a short story featuring this song playing in the background.  Result? Song is playing nonstop in the back of my mind all day.  And I can’t really belt out “roll another joint” while I’m at school.

This song makes me always feel like Mr. Petty suffers from a touch of the depression.

3 thoughts on “Random song: You Don’t Know How it Feels.”

  1. I always loved this song & the video. If I recall correctly, they (allegedly) did the whole thing in one take. The best part was how hard they tried at the time to bleep out the "joint" part on the radio, because it was before they had the technology to just blank the word like they do now. It led to some unintentionally hilarious results.

  2. This came out when I was not listening to the radio very much, though I did have the album in cassette tape form. So I didn't remember about the bleeping. I bet I was mad though. It used to really piss me off when they changed things up for radio play.

  3. I also like Tom Petty. I never owned any of his albums (tapes), but I should have. Maybe Smilees didn't own tapes that had drug references in them. Ha ha!!!

    This is a good song. Very earwormy. I'm not playing the video for that reason. But it doesn't matter, I can hear it anyway!

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