I know what I’m doing on Monday nights!

That’s right!  Scandinavian Dancing.  Thank goodness they moved their very affordable lessons ($4.00 per lesson or $50.00 per year) to the Polish Hall!  I’ve been wanting to learn the Hambo for years.

4 thoughts on “I know what I’m doing on Monday nights!”

  1. Is Scandinavian dancing anything like Contra dancing? And I can see that the Polish Hall is not super far down the street from you. That'll be fun!

  2. It is partner dancing, and it's of the folk variety, but it's more structured than Contra dancing. This also makes it harder, but that's okay.

  3. So, how's it going? I love the "Scandinavian dancing is fun!" component of the flier. I bet we could find some Hambo lessons around here, too. TIME. I need more time.

  4. Partner dancing is HARD! But I'm greatly enjoying myself and (I think) getting better. Everyone is very nice, probably mostly because they want people to come back. If you are under 30, you can join for free. Not surprisingly, there is no one under 30. Appreciation of folk dancing comes later in life.

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