SKS postcard: moving day

This is Sara’s last postcard sent from Minneapolis. (Yet it arrived after the Wall Drug postcard sent from the road?) There were lots of bittersweet feelings, which were also felt by me because I loved their house.

And with a p.s.: We are sending this from Blue Earth—the home of the Jolly Green Giant!”

2 thoughts on “SKS postcard: moving day”

  1. It felt like THE perfect postcard for the finale card from our living time in MN. How funny that Wall made it first!

    We will miss our sweet Grey House. Can’t wait for you to visit NorCal again and come to Leighwood House and check it out.

    1. I’m excited to see your new digs. Today I caught myself thinking, “Well, unemployment will probably run out by the end of the year, so maybe in January I can rent a car and drive down for a visit.” There’s a question on the weekly claim sheet about being out of town more than 3 days, so no travel for the foreseeable future for me. Although not really travel in general right now, either. It’s fun to dream, though.

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