SKS Postcard: Mystery postcard

Sara writes that this postcard is being written while her computer is not behaving itself. More than a few postcards have been traded between us this year while our computers updated and restarted. She will be getting a new one.

This is a mystery postcard because the painting is from the Art Institute of Chicago, and Sara has never been there. It’s also not really Sara subject matter, so I’m sure she didn’t buy it.

2 thoughts on “SKS Postcard: Mystery postcard”

  1. Oh! Our new CPU came on Friday. Shawn hasn’t set it up yet or transferred over our old stuff, since my dad was here. I can’t wait to be off my laptop and back on the regular size keyboard and big screen.

    But I do love our computer update epistolary activities.

    Seriously, where did I snag that card from? Maybe Shawn went…I don’t think so. I do just pick up cards wherever I can…

    1. New CPU! So good! I’m glad you will be back to a full-sized keyboard soon. I got a split/ergonomic one to go with my new computer and I love it!

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