Three sentence movie reviews: Queen and Country

Hey look, it’s the story of a white guy coming of age, this time in 1950s England in the army!* I watched this for Callum Turner, who was fine, though I found that Caleb Landry Jones** tended to overshadow him. It wasn’t a bad movie, but by the end I found myself wanting my 114 minutes back.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*What a novel and not-at-all-overdone concept!  Meanwhile, he’s got this vivacious older sister and where is her story? Also, the quantity and location of brother/sister kissing in this film was weird.
**That guy–I know him as the psycho brother in Get Out–can really steal a scene.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Queen and Country”

  1. I was going to consider this for my sticky note of PCC movies, but brother/sister kissing…nope. And, as you said, it is not like this is a novel story. Thanks for spending your 114 minutes so I didn’t have to.

    1. Brother/sister kissing was one of those things where I wished I was watching with someone else because I could have turned to them and said, “That’s weird, right?”

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