Song of the Month: April 2016

This seems to have morphed into songS of the month.  Three new finds this month.  I bought them all.  I’ve become such a spendthrift.

Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right (Live)
Indigo Girls
Staring down the Brilliant Day.
The first Indigo Girls song I ever heard was Closer to Fine.  My local radio station played it, which was strange, as it didn’t fit the format.  I wonder if a DJ went off the playlist?  Anyway, I’ve always loved their harmonies and this live cover of one of Bob Dylan’s best passive-aggressive songs is fabulous. Someone told me there’s an even better version with Joan Baez.

Put Your Records On.
Corinne Bailey Rae
This popped up on Pandora in the last month and I really liked this artist’s voice. It seems to be a good song for summer.  I’m buying it after only hearing it once, but I liked it enough to make the $1.29 worth it.

2 Atoms in a Molecule.
Noah and the Whale
There’s so much going on and it seems like they are hurrying.  It’s a very fun two minutes.

The song that’s the already known quantity but has popped into my head for unknown reasons this month.  I love the descant part that happens near the end and have ambitions to eventually learn that.  But it remains an ambition.
Well you knew this would come
And you’ve left me all alone
And you’re lost and long gone, don’t take it so seriously
Go on and get going, I’m fine on my own
We got you this far, finally got it figured out

2 thoughts on “Song of the Month: April 2016”

  1. At the beginning of the song, Corinne Bailey Rae reminds me of Norah Jones. The Noah and the Whale song is so oddly frenetic. I really liked their lyric, “I mean if love is just a game then how come it’s no fun
    If love is just a game how come I’ve never won.” I know those feels. The winner for me is Guster. I really liked it, and I’d never heard it before. I’ve never been into Indigo Girls and yet I’ve been to one of their concerts. Life is funny that way.

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