Infill house I like


Holy cannoli Batman!  It’s an infill house I like!  I like that it doesn’t loom. I like that it has a garage.  I like that it has that great upper front porch.  Let’s see if Portland Maps can tell me more.  It can!  It’s an ADU, recently built.  They converted their garage.  Well done!

3 thoughts on “Infill house I like”

  1. It definitely has the feel of an old home. I like that too.

    The paint is nice. One might even say that its a version of green and gold.

    I mean, WHAT about our color shout?!?!?!?!

  2. I’m very intrigued by the color. Is it yellow or green? A bit of both? Bit of an odd shape but it is nice that it isn’t enormous.

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