5 thoughts on “Seaside Day I”

  1. Okay. My allotted commenting time has elapsed. I am pretty jazzed that I was able to read your posts and get some commenting in. It has been too long.

    Now I am off to read more of Turtles All the Way Down!

  2. Oh look! I’ve finally caught up to myself from the past! That was ALMOST A MONTH AGO!!!!!

    I have been so busy. November…I know it would get hectic. Now it is almost done!

    1. That was how my October felt. So incredibly busy. I usually like to stretch my birthday month out, but not this year.

  3. I don’t think I ever saw a crab on the Oregon coast before. Or on any other coast, for that matter. So who won Clank! and what did you think of the game?

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